Haval Ranks First Among the Chinese Automobile Brands Listed in the Report of BrandZ™ Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders 2020

HAVAL News 2020-07-23

Haval, a brand of GWM, is listed because of its global influence in terms of marketing, manufacturing and R&D. It ranks 37th with a brand power score of 203, up by 9 places compared with the 46th place in 2019.

On July 16, the report of BrandZ™ Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders 2020 was released by Google, WPP and Kantar. Haval, a brand of GWM, is listed because of its global influence in terms of marketing, manufacturing and R&D. It ranks 37th with a brand power score of 203, up by 9 places compared with the 46th place in 2019. Among the Chinese automobile brands listed, Haval won the highest power score and registered the largest brand power rise, a staggering 35%.

Since 2017, WPP, the world's communications services group, and Kantar, the world's leading insights and consulting company, has evaluated the power of Chinese brands at overseas in partnership with Google each year, to select the most successful Chinese brands in overseas markets. Brands in the report of the BrandZ™ Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders are selected according to the scores given by 420,000 customers in 7 key markets. After studying 960 brands of 14 categories and comparing them with local brands, only the top 50 brands are listed. The report truly reflects the customers’ attitude towards, interests in and demands of Chinese brands in key overseas markets, and is a manifestation of the innovation power and global influence of the brands listed.

This is the 4th year since the report is published for the first time. The report is renamed this year to reflect the transformation of Chinese brands from “going global” to “being impressive and indispensable”. GWM, the company behind Haval in the report, is experiencing the globalization process of transition “from product output to system-wide output of brand, technology, management and culture”.

GWM, after entering global market first in 1998, attaches great importance to building enduring competitiveness of brands. Beyond the advantage of high cost performance, GWM spares no effort to meet the customers’ requirements in all dimensions, establish marketing and service network from place to place and carry out systematic brand construction. GWM now boasts over 500 overseas networks, covering markets in such countries as Russia, South Africa and Australia, and such regions as the Middle East, Africa, South Africa and Asia-Pacific region. Up to now, over 600,000 vehicles have been sold overseas. In addition, after years of efforts, GWM is unswervingly marching towards globalization, forming such advantages as global layout of manufacturing bases, advanced R&D technologies, global brands and pioneering marketing methods. GWM has built 11 whole-process vehicle production bases and 5 KD factories around the world, forming an “11+5” global production layout. GWM’s R&D centers can also be found in Japan, America, Germany, India, Austria and South Korea. A global R&D layout, with the headquarters in Baoding as the core, covering “seven countries and ten regions” in Europe, the Asia and North America takes shape. GWM have been unremittingly building the global R&D system, forming advantages in active and passive safety technologies, intelligent and connected vehicles, automatic driving. etc. GWM is now more competitive in the globalization system.

Brand power is the cornerstone to maintain market performance of an enterprise in a market full of uncertainties. Chinese enterprises are building their brands to seek stable development at overseas market. The top 50 brands listed this year realized an overall brand power growth of 8%. Nowadays, brand power is the “magic key” to help Chinese enterprises in resisting the risks caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and achieving growth in an unfavorable situation. In 2020, GWM’s globalization footprint is further expanded with the acquisition of Talegaon manufacturing facility in India and the manufacturing facilities in Rayong, Thailand. The Spotlight Automotive Project between BMW and GWM is commenced according to schedule. GWM turned crises into opportunities, realized expansion in an adverse situation and maintained rapid growth trend, marking that Chinese automobile brands will have a more glorious future.

2020 is bound to be a year full of both challenges and new opportunities. Now, a new global economic landscape is taking shape. In this new age, GWM, facing an increasingly harsh broad environment, will stick to scientific and technological innovation and recognize the course of globalization development, so as to brave winds and waves and make progress with stronger technologies, products, brands and global system, and thus build global automobile brands.