At the HAVAL Global 5-million-sales Grand Ceremony and Global Strategic Conference on January 13, 2019, HAVAL upgraded its brand positioning from “SUV leader” to “Global Intelligent SUV Expert”, and the HAVAL 521 Globalization Strategy was officially released, that is, to realize the annual sales of 2 million units within 5 years and become the global No.1 professional SUV brand.

Great Wall Great Wall
Jack Wey Jack Wey

Jack Wey, Chairman of GWM, proposed the initiative to establish a global alliance of Chinese auto enterprises on behalf of HAVAL. HAVAL is willing to share innovative global technologies with excellent self-owned brands, carry out in-depth cooperation in all fields such as new energy, intelligent drive and intelligent network, achieve co-creation, sharing and win-win of the whole value chain, and promote the globalization of Chinese automobile, so that China could transform from a major auto importing country to a major auto exporting country.

Global Sales Layout

In China, HAVAL has more than 1000 4S stores, more than 200 urban exhibition halls, more than 1,500 franchise stores and more than 2,000 outlets. The coverage rate of HAVAL brand in prefecture-level administrative regions is 100%, and that in county-level sales market is as high as 80%.

Globally, HAVAL has established wholly-owned subsidiaries in Russia, Australia, South Africa, India and the United States, and formed sales network in more than 60 countries and regions. With more than 500 distributors, HAVAL ranks the first among Chinese brands in auto export volume in more than 30 countries.

Russia business Center-Central and Eastern European Markets

Australia business Center- Asian and Pacific Markets

South Africa business Center-African Markets

Global Production Layout

In China, HAVAL has built 8 manufacturing bases in Baoding, Xushui, Tianjin, Yongchuan in Chongqing, Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu, Rizhao in Shandong, Pinghu in Zhejiang, and Taizhou in Jiangsu. In overseas markets, HAVAL owns KD factories in Ecuador, Malaysia, Tunisia and Bulgaria, and Russia Tula HAVAL factory which has been put into production in 2019.
In China In China

TULA Factory in Russia

Tula Factory in Russia is the first process-wide factory of Chinese auto enterprises in overseas markets. Tula Factory is not only the largest investment project of the Chinese manufacturing industry in Russia, but also the largest plant construction project of Chinese auto brands in overseas markets.

As a bridgehead to enter the European market, Tula Factory is a special foothold to connect the Asian and European markets. It is the starting point for Great Wall Motor to enter the European and even the global market. It is also an important measure taken by Great Wall Motor to respond to the national Belt and Road strategy on behalf of the Chinese automobile industry.

Great Wall Great Wall
Great Wall

Tula Factory is located in the Uzlovaya Industrial Park, Tula, Russia, with a total investment of US$500 million, a capacity of 150,000 units, and a localization rate of 65%. Tula Factory includes four processes of stamping, welding, painting and final assembly with the localized R&D capability. In addition, Tula Factory may also support other Chinese auto brands in OEM assembly.

Based on the advanced Andon and MES systems, Tula Factory has effectively transferred and shared the quality information, realized visual control, and consolidated its quality assurance capacity of production process. DUER vehicle inspection line is introduced to carry out 100% static and dynamic test and road test for each vehicle before it leaves the factory to ensure that each vehicle delivered to the customer fully meets the quality and customer requirements.

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