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The First Middle East Regional Technical Training was Successfully Held in Saudi Arabia

Category: Enterprise News 2020-01-04

In December 2019, Great Wall Motors carried out Middle East Regional Technical Training in Saudi Arabia, in which front-line technicians from distributors in Kuwait, Bahrain and other countries participated. Meanwhile, the first batch of technical certification was carried out for Saudi Arabian technicians, and the management concept and technical process of Great Wall Motors were introduced so as to manage core technicians, improve customer service capacity and brand reputation, and lay the foundation for the global development of Great Wall Motors.

In order to maximize the training effect, the skill level and maintenance experience of trainees were firstly analyzed and customized training courses were carried out based on the most need by front-line technicians. The teaching form was changed from instructor giving instructions to a group of trainees sharing maintenance experience and finding the results together. It is converted from simple theoretical explanation to focusing more on practical operation and guiding trainees to form logical thinking of troubleshooting with the aim of realizing rapid diagnosis of problems, timely solution of faults and finally improvement of consumer satisfaction.

After the completion of technical training, the assessment was carried out in two parts of theory and practice separately. The assessment method with certificates and HAVAL vehicle models for outstanding trainees based on the results of the assessment greatly stimulated the competition enthusiasm of trainees, and finally a total of 10 trainees achieved excellent performance. Mr. Youssef, the After-sales Service Manager of the Saudi distributor, presented them with certificates and HAVAL vehicle models and presided over the graduation ceremony.

The Technical Support Department concentrates on the breakthrough point of improving the skill and service level of front-line technicians in overseas markets, and provides sincere and professional services for overseas distributors in line with the concept of continuously improving customer satisfaction and creating surprises for customers. It is committed to being the strong backup of distributors, promoting the rapid improvement of their service level to bring about improvement of the one-time repair rate of vehicles, to create more surprises to the car owners, and to contribute to the global development of Great Wall Motors.

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