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2019 Top Technician Competition in South Africa was Completed Successfully

Category: Enterprise News 2019-10-17

At noon of October 10, the 2019 Top Technician Competition, organized by HAVAL Motors South Africa (shorten as HMSA), was completed successfully. Three maintenance technicians, Hardus Vermaak from HAVAL Pinetown, Eldrich Laubscher and Bradley Wright from HAVAL EAST LONDON, won the top three of the competition. They have become the model of after-sales skills of HAVAL Motors South Africa, setting a new benchmark of maintenance skills for distributors of HAVAL Motors South Africa.

Improve quality through continuous training, and set standard through skill competition

The year of 2019 is the third year that Great Wall Motors carries out HAVAL DELIGHT PROJECT. Adhering to the concept of “Continuously improving customer satisfaction and creating surprises for customers as the most responsible Chinese auto brand”, HMSA constantly improves the implementation of all work. In order to continuously improve the maintenance skills of dealer technicians, accurately and quickly discover vehicle problems and find solutions, HAVAL Motors South Africa has held monthly training since 2018. With new contents in each training session, it ensures that each dealer is qualified and each vehicle problem can be solved. HMSA won the Bronze Award in 2018 and the Gold Award in 2019 on Dealer Satisfaction Index Survey Awards organized by South Africa National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA), which is the most powerful manifestation of distributor’s satisfaction.

In order to testify the effect of the training and find out the real problems in after-sales maintenance, and further discover the weakness of dealer technicians in maintenance skills, HMSA changed the training mode of passive infusion into the new mode of active learning. In September, HMSA organized 2019 Top Technician Competition. It set the standard for vehicle maintenance skills, started a trend of active learning, ultimately guaranteed that the technicians can diagnose problems and solve issues for vehicle owners, and ensure owners’ satisfaction.

The ability to solve practical problems with theory is crucial

The competition was divided into three rounds, and the elimination mechanism was adopted. The finally selected three technicians became the model of the competition. The first round of mass election adopted pure theoretical test to confirm the training effect of technicians on the communication mode and operating principle of each model module. The top 15 technicians entered the semifinal. In the semifinal, theoretical knowledge assessment was adopted and time-limited solution of real problem of vehicle, and the top 3 technicians participated the final round. In the final, the three technicians were required to explain the troubleshooting method to testify their theoretical basis, maintenance&repair abilities and operating skills. Finally, ranking of the three finalists was determined.

The protection work before vehicle troubleshooting is indispensable.

 Looking carefully for problems.

Joy after troubleshooting.

Adhere to integrity and professionalism, and create strong service assurance 

After the event, Zhao Lichao, General Manager of HAVAL Motors South Africa, presented awards to the winners. After-sales service plays an important role in the operation of HAVAL Motors South Africa and the dealer. Adhering to the concept of “Continuously improving customer satisfaction and creating surprises for customers as the most responsible Chinese auto brand”, HAVAL Motors South Africa will continue to offer sincere, professional services, provide strong support for the after-sales service to the dealer. HAVAL Motors South Africa will continue to build the integrity system with service providers through the HAVAL Delight action, never forget the original intention of customer satisfaction, provide more surprises for customers, and create more value for society.

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