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Great Wall Motors new Manufacturing and R&D bases Settled in Rizhao, China

Category: Enterprise News 2018-08-21

On August 16, the signing ceremony of GWM Rizhao vehicle manufacturing base project was held in Shandong, China. The project involves the vehicle manufacturing base and the R&D center base. Ren Airong, Vice Governor of Shandong Province, QiJiabin, Secretary of Rizhao Municipal Committee, and Wei Jianjun, Chairman of GWM attended the signing ceremony.

Settlement of Manufacturing and R&D Aim to Strengthen High-End Brand

Located in Economic and Technological Development Zone in Rizhao, the vehicle manufacturing base mainly includes four process plants of stamping, welding, painting and assembly mainly for manufacturing cars of GWM’s high-end brand - WEY. As the pioneer and leader of Chinese luxury SUV, WEY brand was named after the family name of GWM Chairman Wei Jianjun. Traditional fuel models VV5 and VV7 and plug-in hybrid electric model P8 have been launched.

The R&D center which is located at Shanhaitian Tourism Resort in Rizhao, was simultaneously planned with the manufacturing base for product development and technology breakthrough of GWM’s medium-high-end brands, integrating design, R&D, test and trial-manufacture, quality control, collaborative development and technology pre-research. The world-class vehicle R&D and design center, modeling center, artificial intelligence laboratory, new energy fuel cell R&D center and powertrain laboratory will be established.

Improvement of Domestic Layout Combination with Industry Resources and Markets

Now, GWM has Tianjin, Baoding and Xushui vehicle manufacturing bases and Chongqing Yongchuan manufacturing base which is under construction. As for R&D, the manufacturer is forming a global R&D layout with Baoding headquarters as core and global layout covering Europe, Japan, North America and India.

GWM Chairman Wei Jianjun indicated that Rizhao has good manufacturing and scientific research and development system and highly concentrated industry system, The project was made after consideration of GWM’s own strategy and all-round market layout, reflecting the comprehensive strength and service and business environment of Rizhao, Shandong. Positioned as WEY’s development base, GWM Rizhao project aims to build a green and intelligent plant. GWM will pursue a long-term and stable localization development starting from a higher and newer point by using advanced technological manufacturing equipment and scientifically planned manufacturing base and supporting facilities.

The establishment of the project base will extend the long-term development of WEY brand to help it run more independently. Meanwhile, the closer the base is to the industry resources, the better it will help reduce the logistics cost and realize localization operation, making GWM’s layout for domestic manufacturing and R&D more perfect and balanced. The project will be helpful for GWM to connect domestic and overseas markets relying on a good industry basis and advantageous position of Rizhao.

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