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Cambodian Police as Haval H9 Owner Come to the GWM Headquarters

Category: Enterprise News 2018-08-13

On August 10, the Cambodian police, who had purchased a batch of Haval H9 vehicles, visited the GWM headquarters in Baoding again for the affirmation of “Made in China”. When visiting the Haval R&D Center and Xushui Plant, the leader of Cambodian police frequently spoke highly of GWM’s leading R&D technology and advanced manufacturing capability with thumbs up and took a test drive of the Haval H9 on the spot, praising the excellent performance of the product and frankly hoping to reach more transactions with GWM in the future.

Powerful Made in China Haval H9 is served as foreign military vehicle

The Haval H9 has been popular with foreign police officers. A few days ago, the Cambodian police purchased Haval H9 vehicles in batches to support its public security course. Meanwhile, Bangladesh lately also purchased a batch of Haval H9 vehicles as designated cars for the military. The Haval H9 met the interests of a large number of police officers and soldiers once delivered due to its cool appearance and comprehensive performance.

As the leader of “powerful” off-road vehicles, the Haval H9 provides sufficient power support for the military to drive under all conditions by using high-power 2.0T gasoline/diesel engines matched with an 8AT ZF transmission with full power. In addition, the Haval H9 also features outstanding off-road performance. BorgWarner’s two-speed TOD i-4WD system is used, and the transfer case assembly is integrated at a low speed ratio to magnify the torque to 2.48 times so as to achieve more than 60% steep climbing. Different torque distribution strategies can be matched under the control of all-terrain system to enable fast response and stable driving. Eaton’s rear-axle electric limit slip differential (ELSD) lock can be used to allocate driving force of the slipping wheel to the adhesive wheel through an electronic control unit as a strong support for off-road vehicles to greatly improve the road holding force and capability to get out of the road under complex conditions.

Meanwhile, the Haval H9 provides driver with 7 driving modes: AUTO, Sport, Snow, Mud Road, Sand, ECO and 4L. Drivers can drive freely on paved roads or off-road mountain roads without fearing about any challenges under complexroad conditions.

Haval brand sticks to the goal of making the Safest SUV

As an SUV leader, Haval brand sticks to the goal of making the “safest SUV”, adheres to the car-making concept of “safety first”, and has constantly made efforts on going after safe driving around the three-dimensional and comprehensive safety design concept of “safety of passengers, pedestrians and vehicles”. It has also invested a total sum of RMB 250 million in the establishment of test rooms for vehicle crash, pedestrian protection, simulation collision and parts safety as well as active safety test field for the automotive safety technology development.

Up to now, GWM has acquired totally 114 patents in safety and set up 75 enterprise standards. Haval brand has developed a complete test, development and verification system from automotive safety components and systems to whole vehicles at the same time. It can not only meet the regulatory standards of markets of China, EU and US and NCAP test evaluation requirements, but also conduct a series of recurrence tests on real traffic accidents.

Focus on Global Market to Build International Leading Brand of SUV

Insisting on “excessive investment” strategy in R&D, Haval brand has developed a domestic leading R&D system, carried out the R&D of new products, new energy products, intelligent vehicles and the construction of new technology center, and formed a global R&D layout with Baoding headquarters as core and covering Europe, Asia and North America.

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