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Another Great Honor! HAVAL H7 Shortlisted for Chile’s "Best Large SUV of the Year"

Category: Enterprise News 2018-01-19

Recently, the candidate list of "2017 Best Large SUV" prepared by Chile's authoritative media - La Tercera and its most influential specialized automobile magazine - MT was published. HAVAL H7 featuring unique styling, rich configurations, high degree of safety and comfortable driving experience is shortlisted for "2017 Best Large SUV" in Chile. For the second consecutive year, HAVAL is selected as a candidate of such selection activity.

The annual best automobile model selection, held annually by MT, began in 2007 and it is one of the most authoritative selection activities in Chile's automobile industry. Professional journalists from 22 automobile media organizations in Chile will test-drive all automobiles on the shortlist and elect the best model, the best SUV, the best MPV and the like in January 2018. HAVAL H7 makes the shortlist alongside the following: MAZDA CX-9, Peugeot 5008, Skoda KODIAQ and Volkswagen Tiguan.

The comprehensive appraisal is carried out in three dimensions. The first dimension refers to product and specifically focuses on such aspects as design, quality, function, mechanical technique and science & technology. The second dimension refers to dynamic performance and is particularly concentrated in safety, driving quality and performance. The third dimension refers to value and precisely focuses on product orientation, competitive force and cost performance. It is self-evident that all automobiles surviving such appraisals are very excellent and the comprehensive strength of HAVAL H7 cannot be belittled.

HAVAL H7 was launched in Chile in October 2017 and has become very popular soon. HAVAL H7 perfectly integrates U-shaped chrome-plated grille with longitudinally stretched line. With its cool headlamp and waistlines, HAVAL H7 not only shows elegance and grandness but also provides a considerable visual impact. HAVAL H7’s rear end and front echo each other, showing the audience a harmonious design and give them a feeling of slight luxuriousness and steadiness. From the angle of interior trim, the armrest is made of flexible materials. With brushed metal, slush molding and other materials, the sense of quality of interior trims arises spontaneously. The driving compartment is of multi-layered 3D design, with details fully showing humanistic concern. The passenger seats are flexible and comfortable, and the leather feels smooth and exquisite. In addition, such seats have a high-quality bolster and do well in supporting performance.

HAVAL H7 is equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged GDI engine in which fuel oil can fully burn and a Getrag 6-speed wet-type dual clutch transmission which can offer our drivers and passengers a relaxing driving experience. On top of that, smart start/stop, paddle shift and three driving modes absolutely are the icing on the cake. No matter in active safety or passive safety, HAVAL H7 can live up to consumers’ expectations. Specifically, the vehicle body has a highly rigid and integrated structure, providing a safe driving compartment. Also, ESP Bosch G9 electronic stability program, blind spot monitoring system, six airbags, driver fatigue monitor system and the like are equipped to offer our drivers and passengers a safer journey.

Previously, HAVAL H2 was shortlisted for Chile’s "Best SUV of the Year" in 2016. This time, HAVAL H7 is shortlisted for "2017 Best Large SUV" in Chile. It is not only a milestone for HAVAL’s market promotion in Chile but also a powerful evidence for HAVAL’s highly recognized product appeal and brand power in Chile market.

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