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Good News Again - GWM 1.5GDIT Awarded as “Top Ten Engines”

Category: Enterprise News 2017-12-06

On November 30, 2017, GWM 1.5GDIT engine was awarded as “Top Ten Engines” in “Chinese Heart” Annual Top Ten Engines Selection. There were more than 50 participated engines, and the award was issued after 9-month strict selection by the only assessment organization for auto power system in China, which is also one of three engine selection organizations in the world.

 As the most influential selection for vehicular engines, “Chinese Heart” Annual Top Ten Engines Selection, cosponsored by such seven organizers as evo, CAAM and CICEIA, wins the recognition of industry insiders. The award shows the solid R&D strength of GWM and boosts the development of our independent brand.

 Advanced Technology

 It takes 60 months from pre-research to mass production of GWM 1.5GDIT engine, and 91 patents are applied for this engine, among which 4 authorized patents are obtained for the technology of integrating exhaust manifold into cylinder head.

 The 1.5GDIT engine is domestically the first one that is manufactured with self-developed continuous variable valve lift (CVVL) technology. In addition, such world-class and domestic leading technologies as mid-mounted fuel injector, cylinder head integrated with exhaust manifold, electronically-controlled supercharger with fast transient response, two-stage variable displacement engine oil pump, DVVT for intake and exhaust and double-circuit cooling system are utilized to manufacture this engine.

 It is worth mentioning that the 1.5GDIT engine is the first one that is manufactured with self-developed CVVL technology for intake valves in China. This technology can help to realize CVVL of intake valves, further reduce pumping loss based on DVVT, achieve flexible intake control at different loads, and improve intake characteristics under all operating conditions. The maximum lift is 8.64 mm and the minimum lift is 0.8 mm. In case small lift and its phase advance are adopted, fuel consumption can be reduced by 8.4% under partial loads (common conditions of urban roads).

 CVVL technology

Non-contact suspended high-pressure fuel injection system

 Cylinder head with integrated water-cooled exhaust manifold

 Strong Power1.5GDIT

 The maximum power of the 1.5GDIT engine is 124 KW. When the engine speed reaches 1,000 rpm, the turbocharger will be enabled. When the speed reaches 1,400 rpm, the torque will reach its maximum (285 N•m), and the torque per liter is up to 190 N•m/L, so that the “Dream Engine” generates strong power, which outperforms others of the same class.

 Low Fuel Consumption

 Higher fuel efficiency is guaranteed effectively by means of such advanced technologies as CVVL technology for intake valves, cylinder head integrated with exhaust manifold, two-stage variable displacement engine oil pump and DVVT for intake and exhaust. Compared with other competitors, the engine has a composite fuel consumption of 6.8L/100KM that is the lowest among the vehicles with the same displacement.

 Safe Armor System1.5GDIT

 The 1.5GDIT engine was firstly installed onto new HAVAL H6. This golden combination not only brings carefree driving for customers, but also eliminates the passengers’ worries about safety. HAVAL spares no efforts for safety. The new H6-1.5GDIT is provided with Bosch G9 electronic stability program (ESP), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), auto start / stop system, Passive Entry Passive Start (PEPS), reversing radar and other configurations. Meanwhile, such active and passive safety configurations as hill descent control (HDC), hill-start hold control (HHC), visualization of right-front blind area and active safety head restraints are also available. The laser welding technique is adopted for the new vehicle, and high-strength steel accounts for more than 65%. It successfully survives “the most rigorous rollover tests for Chinese SUV” and provides an all-round “safe armor system”.

The 1.5GDIT engine independently developed by GWM was awarded as “Top Ten Engines”, which shows tremendous R & D strength of GWM. We, as Chinese, are proud of that. In “technology-based victory” manufacturing, GWM has already made a qualitative leap in respect of technology R & D strength, which shows that the independent brand has completed the breakthrough.

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