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First HAVAL Dealer Sprouts in Saudi Arabia

Category: Enterprise News 2017-08-21

August witnesses Haval’s first landing in Saudi Arabia: Opening of the first specialty store in Jeddah, the first big port of Saudi Arabia, marks the second journey of Great Wall Motor in Saudi Arabia.

Since entry into the markets of Oman and UAE last year, Haval has always been developing its Middle East market. After meticulous preliminary research & analysis and long-time preparation, HAVAL reached cooperation with its new distributor ADMC, and then entry into market of Saudi Arabia was put on the agenda.

ADMC is subordinated to AZAQ Group which enjoys a very high reputation and rich experience in automobile industry. Guided by the business philosophy of “Be the number 1  Choice”, ADMC is committed to providing a high-quality, pleasant and satisfying experience for consumers, which fits well with Haval’s brand strategy.

In order to enhance Haval’s brand awareness and influence locally, ADMC, by virtue of the resources of AZAQ Group, has been conducting a series of warming-up campaigns, such as Internet Advertising, Shopping Mall Exhibition and Outdoors display since July. Haval H2 has successfully attracted great attention of the Public in a short time through these Haval campaigns penetrating into the customers’ life, and at the same time has increased the popularity for the opening of the Haval showroom. The warming-up will last to September to assist the formal release of Haval Brand in Saudi.

At the same time, Haval’s sales network construction is also under the way. On August 2nd, the first Haval store was officially open for business in King Abdulaziz Road, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, demonstrating accomplishment of its first stop of sales and after-sales service network. Later, it will continue to explore its business in the main cities including Damman and Riyadh . Haval is expected to hold a brand launching event in October, which is under active planning and preparation.

This year, Haval represents a good overall overseas development. On the one hand, it has seen a remarkable increase in overseas sales by July, with the export sales of more than 25,000 and a year-on-year growth of nearly 130%. On the other hand, Haval continues to expand its overseas market. In the first half year, it appeared in the North African market of Tunisia and South Africa consecutively, showing a strong development in Africa as well as Middle East.

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