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Haval H9, eye-catching dark horse in Russia

Category: Enterprise News 2016-03-02

Since its official launch in Russia in June 2015, Haval H9 has attracted wide attention from journalists and local customers for its clear orientation. It came out on top as the most appealing new model in 2015 as a result of the evaluation of its professional test drive video by the professional Russian auto media outlet За Рулём.

The official website and Youtube account of Russia's most time-honored professional auto media outlet За Рулём summarized the popularity of test drive videos in 2015. As a result, the test driving video of Haval H9--Scoop! Maiden test drive of Haval H9 came out on top as the most appealing test drive video in 2015 selected by За Рулём.

The video introduces the exterior, interior, configuration, power and details of Haval H9, evaluating it according to the test drive performance under different road conditions. The test-driving journalist spoke positively of its solid exterior and through capacity under complex road conditions.

The frame, connected to the wheels through the combined suspension, withstands road impact to ensure body stability and make driving smooth and with comfort.

The test driver could intuitively experience the strong off-road performance of Haval H9 in silt and swamps. The tough grip of the big tires and the TOD AWD system made it easy to withstand the tests of passing complex road conditions.

The evaluating journalist summarized the interior of Haval H9 with "perfection". In terms of interior materials and designs, he considered it comparable to Japanese, even German vehicles. Besides, the rich intelligent configuration helps the owner enjoy luxurious driving fun.

The interior soft texture and tricolor ambient lights are trendy and of high quality. The 8-inch LCD touch screen with the functions of Bluetooth and navigation, and infinity10 speaker & sounder create a luxurious and cozy driving atmosphere.

Since the launch of Haval brand in Russia in June 2015, Haval H9 has attracted wide attention from journalists by its clear orientation, and Russian journalists made positive comments on it. This time, the clicks of the test drive video of Haval H9 show great attention of Russian customers and auto aficionados to it.Local customers were also interested in the performance of Haval H9:mischa masterow: 

mischa masterow: I think Chinese vehicles will delight Russia in the near future;

Вася Путухов:Вася Путухов: Very good from the interior to the exterior

Ser Bar: Ser Bar: A very interesting vehicle, now let's test-drive H8.

Speaking of the fact that Haval is a new comer, the journalist said, "Haval H9 is less renowned than its opponents, but it is just a matter of time," With the gradual maturation of Haval in Russia, its product quality will be proved by more owners, he added.

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