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GWM shows up at Auto Shanghai 2013 with 23 models

Category: Enterprise News 2013-04-20

The 15th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2013) is scheduled to open on 20th April. Under the theme of "focus, dedication and specialization", GWM will show up on Booth 3 of Hall W4 with 16 vehicles, six engines and one new energy chassis, with the largest-ever exhibition area of 3,000 square meters.

GWM's booth will be highlighted by the dual lineups of Haval and Great Wall, as well as the global premiere of Haval H7 and Haval H6 Sport. Besides, the debut of new models such as Haval H2, GWKULLA, Wingle 6 and Great Wall C50 Upgraded in the nationwide will bring the exhibition booth into the limelight.

Dual zones opened for first time to show Haval & Great Wall brands 

Since Haval brand became independent in March 2013, GWM has entered an era of dual brands of Haval and Great Wall, making Haval the world's third SUV brand following Jeep and Land Rover. At the exhibition, GWM will separate Haval to open dual zones for the first time to show Haval and Great Wall brands

Among the 16 vehicles, Haval zone will exhibit Haval H2, Haval H5 2013, Haval H6 Upgraded, Haval H6 Sport, Haval H7, Haval H8 and HAVAL Dakar Racecar and Great Wall zone will exhibit Great Wall C30, Great Wall C50, Great Wall C50 Upgrade, Great Wall C20R, M4, M2, Wingle 6, Wingle RV and GWKULLA.

According to sources, Haval has ranked first in sales for ten consecutive years with a market volume of 1 million units. The annual sales volume of Haval has been close to 300,000 units, and the time has been ripe in both market influence and sales volume. After its independence, Haval will use a new logo, operate through a more professional team and service system, and push forward specialized services and after-market support for SUV consumers. Haval's independent operation is conducive to integrating resources, increasing efficiency and accelerating brand development. 

Global premiere of Haval H7 & Haval H6 Sport

The global premiere of Haval H7 and Haval H6 Sport will be another highlight of GWM's exhibition booth.

Haval H7 is an all-terrain hybrid quality SUV. The huge space with a wheelbase of 2,850mm, as well as intelligent equipment such as dual-temperature independent air conditioner, frontal anti-collision radar, reversing radar and rear camera will give you fun of steering in flourishing cities.

Haval H6 Sport is robust and dynamic with chrome-plating grille, black wheel trims and window bars; the black-cream interior shows high taste with wood-grain and electro-plated ornaments, electric adjustable seats, atmosphere lamp and door sill lamp.

According to sources, the exhibition comes as Haval's first international exhibition after its independence. Opening a separate zone for Haval and launching Haval H7 and Haval H6 Sport are seen as major moves to pitch Haval brand after its independence. 

Win by mode, Great Wall yields bumper fruits

In recent years, GWM has stood out amid the ups and downs of the auto market to yield bumper fruits in business performance and sales.

In 2012, GWM achieved operating revenues of 43.2 billion yuan, up 43 percent; a total profit of 6.8 billion yuan, up 66 percent; a profit-sales ratio of 16 percent and an EPS of 1.87 percent, 53 percent year on year. By late 2012, GWM's assets had totaled 42.6 billion yuan. GWM has been acknowledged by the international capital market and favored by international investors for its huge development potential. In 2012, GWM sold 620,000 units, up 28 percent year on year, ranking 8th among automakers. In the first quarter of 2013, GWM sold 180,000 units, up 38 percent year on year, showing strong momentum. 90,000 Haval SUVs were sold, up 92 percent year on year. GWM will stay focused on products in 2013, aiming to sell 700,000 units including 560,000 units for China and 140,000 units for export.

According to industry analysts, GWM’s sales growth amid the market slump was attributable to its mode. GWM has chosen a suitable strategic mode and resisted temptations in the long term. The incorruptible system and team, the focus strategy, vertical integration and excessive research investment are all secret recipes for GWM's success by mode.

GWM’s outstanding business performance has been acknowledged by authorities and media. In 2012, GWM was listed among “2011 China’s Top 100 Listed Companies” by China Business Time and “China’s 100 Most Valuable Brands” by 2012 Hurun Brand List. Also, GWM made the list of “China’s Top 10 Consumer Brands” by Barron’s as the only auto brand.

Create surprise for customers

If product quality is the hard power of GWM's competitiveness, then GWM thinks "customer satisfaction" represents its soft strength. In recent years, during brand improvement, GWM has set a work objective of taking "customer satisfaction" as evaluation criterion, focused on the objective on the basis of ensuring product quality, oriented manpower, financial and resources on customer satisfaction, and taken upon itself to enhance terminal image and create "surprise for customers", to enhance GWM brand.

At the exhibition, GWM's management stressed that to fulfill the target of customer satisfaction, GWM will establish its satisfaction evaluation system and use third-party satisfaction tracking resources in system improvement through comprehensive data analysis. Besides, GWM has established its satisfaction survey team to survey customer satisfaction and explore problems, released survey reports on a quarterly basis, made specialized improvements in satisfaction and established "GWM worry-free service brand".

Remarkably, GWM's move has produced initial effects. Great Wall C30 to be exhibited ranked first as a result of the evaluation of 2012 China Automobile Customer Satisfaction Index (CACSI) released by the China National Customer Committee. Many industrial comments considered GWM's objective based on customer satisfaction is wise for brand enhancement.

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